Thursday, April 12, 2012

Im starting to learn to paint more painterly in photoshop. These are some recent ones...

Based on a still from the film Blue Valentine...

Taxi Driver.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

These are from art51 modeling, I think spring '11. Not a big fan of modeling. 

Winchester. Pew pew!


These are from Art113B, I had with John Clapp. That class completely changed the way I paint. 

For this project we had to chose a story and paint a background for it. I chose Tom Sawyer. Looking back at this, I hate the composition. I wish I could retake this class, knowing what I know now, but I guess you're kind of always going to feel that way about anything, as you get older and learn more, right?

We then had to repaint the same scene in the style of another artist we picked at random. I was given Dr. Seuss...


I try my best to do daily paintings... it's more like weekly. Bi-weekly? 

Just screwing around with this one. I love pinups, so I thought I'd play around with the style. 

I still kind of like this one. This was one of my first PS paintings.

I was testing myself to see how fast I could pull out a painting. This was done in about a half hour... and it's awful. I get to caught up in layers and effects and what not. I like to think I've gotten better since this painting. 

The background is miserable....

What the hell is going on in this? I don't know what he's doing, he looks more like he's stealing than giving presents. 

Here are some older photoshop paintings/renderings. These were all copied from photographs in my early stages of learning how to paint in photoshop. I learned a lot from these but I'd like to learn to paint with fewer strokes -- I noodle too much:/

This was from an old black and white photograph of Audrey Hepburn. Not sure why I went with yellow on the jacket.

I tried to play with style a little on this one, but ended up rendering much more than I intended. 

I chose this photograph just because I wanted to play with the lighting/color. I don't really remember, but I think the image was from an old Playboy from the 70s or something.