Thursday, March 7, 2013

Adobe Ebook

For our latest project in BFA, we worked in groups for a competition to create an ebook for the story, "The Husband Who Was to Mind the House."
I did storyboards, layouts, line drawings, values, characters, rigs, animating, and actionscripting.

Here is the first page, used for a poster. The characters are poseable.

This being my first time using Flash, I had to learn how to make characters animatable. Knowing more now, I probably would have done some things differently, but it was a fun trying to improvise and figure things out.
A simple guide I made for my group.

A few of the layouts I did, with values.


  1. lol this one was cool, really liked the wife design

  2. Thanks! This project was kind of a nightmare though, wasn't it? lol